Celtic Green Landscape Artistry

Making your landscape and garden dreams a reality!


To schedule a free estimate or to obtain any other information, please feel free to contact:

Allen Kinney, owner and artist




Meghan Matt, business manager




One thought on “Contact

  1. I’m in need of landscaping maintenance in my yard and friends of mine, Carol and Butch Speer, recommended you to me.

    1. I had a tulip popular in the front yard that was leaning quite a bit because of Gustav’s high winds. I took it out and would like to replace it with another tulip popular or a tree that you would recommend.
    2. A crepe myrtle in the front of my porch was blown down by Katrina. I have cut all of the tree that was downed, but the roots are still there and it’s growing back. I would like to have what’s there taken out and replaced by either another crepe myrtle or something else that you would recommend.
    3. I have removed some old Christmas cheer azaleas that were in the front of the crepe myrtle and would like to replace them with Fashion Autumn Twist.
    4. I might want some work done on the irrigation in my beds.
    5. I have a couple of low spots in the back yard that need filling.

    I can be reached via email or at the number below or my cell 225-235-2281.

    Wanda L. Magee
    8134 Cypress Lake Drive
    Baton Rouge, LA 70809

    It’s never crowded along
    “the extra mile”

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